Arrivals at Orlando Airport MCO

Arrivals at Orlando airport MCO

The city of Orlando is a hotspot for tourists from all over the United States and the world, thanks to the renowned tourist attractions that attract people from all corners of the Earth. Whether you’re taking your family to the Disney World Resort, vacationing with your spouse at Universal Resort, or just taking a trip with your friends down to SeaWorld or LegoLand, you’re most likely going to arrive through the terminal of the Orlando International Airport MCO.

If you are, then you’re in luck! The MCO Airport is a well-known venue with lots of things to offer to make your trip as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible.

Arrivals at mco airport

Arrivals at Orlando international airport from the plane to the gates of the airport

The MCO Airport has one main terminal and four satellite terminals. Passengers arrive through one of the satellite terminals and are transported to the main terminal by shuttle trains, also known as the elevated or automated people movers. The trip takes a mere few minutes, so it definitely isn’t a bother. For added comfort, your heavy bags and carry-ons may be placed on a separate conveyer belt to be transported to the main terminal without you having to carry them on the train with you.

Upon arrival at the passport control area, the MCO Airport offers its unique option of automated passport control kiosks that operate with a mobile application. This innovative technique helps lessen the time spent going through passport control! If you intend to use the mobile application, make sure to download it ahead of time and submit all the necessary documents prior to your arrival.

You are then supposed to head to one of the shuttle buses and head over to the main terminal, where baggage claim is located. The shuttle bus drops you off at the 3rd level of the main terminal, with baggage claim being at the 2nd level. From there, your journey through the Orlando International Airport MCO is almost at its end.

Flights arriving Orlando – Today

Flights arriving Orlando – Today

The main terminal is divided into two sides – side A and side B. Between the two sides is the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Yes, you heard that right, there is a luxury hotel right in the heart of this airport.

Each side of the main terminal offers different services. For instance, baggage claim is on both sides of the terminal, but ground transportation is only available on side B. And although it’s always advisable to plan ahead for your trip, the signs are available all over the terminal, and the directions are clear and simple to follow. The information desks are also available to help you in case you need additional information or help.

You are now ready to set foot in the major city of Orlando and explore all the great attractions the city has to offer!