Departure from Orlando Airport MCO

The Orlando International Airport MCO is the largest airport in Florida and definitely the busiest as well. This comes as no surprise considering the sheer amount of tourists that flood to Orlando annually from within the United States and from all over the world to visit the many major tourist attractions scattered all over the city. Annually, almost 50 million passengers pass through this impressive airport. This means that, although the airport itself is tremendously large in size, you can often expect large queues and waiting times, much like the ones encountered at the many amusement parks in Orlando!

With this in mind, it is common practice to try and get to the airport a good few hours before your flight to make sure that the long lines don’t make you late for your flight. It would also be a shame to miss out on all the fun attractions inside the airport itself!

Airlines departing from Orlando AirportAirlines departing from Orlando Airport

Things to see and do at the MCO Airport before departure

Besides the usual things generally found at airports, the Orlando International Airport offers a great deal of unique attractions that cannot be found at any other airport! One of these attractions is the Hyatt Regency Hotel located right at the heart of the main terminal of the MCO Airport. The location of the hotel and the fact that it can be accessed by both travelers and non-travelers alike, makes it a desirable choice of accommodation for many of those traveling to the city of sunshine.

MCO Airport before departure

Art is a big deal at the Orlando International Airport MCO. You will be met with artistic and creative displays with every step of the way. When at the Orlando International Airport, make sure to check out the tech garden display, the wellness garden, the space garden, and the fun garden! And you wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the other art displays, such as the Steel Quilt, the Three Irises on Black, the Tree of Life, and the Florida Queen, amongst others!

When it comes to shops and restaurants, they are simply so varied and too many to list down. There is definitely something to meet your every need, from an average 7/11 to a spa session, a last-minute shopping spree or even a fine dining experience. Check out this website for a list of all the shops and restaurants at the MCO Airport!

Departure from Orlando Airport MCO

A quick guide through the departure Orlando Airport on today

As soon as you enter, you will find yourself at level 3 of the Main Terminal. Depending on your airline, you will have to head over to either one of the sides of the main terminal – side A or side B. From there, you will get on one of the shuttle trains, also called the Automated People Movers (APM), which will transport you to the appropriate terminal to find your gate.

Leaving ‘the theme park capital of the world’, and after having a great time at one (or all) of the major amusement parks in the area, the city of Orlando hopes to bid you farewell with just one more of its many great establishments – its airport. The uniqueness and fun atmosphere of the airport is truly a great fit for a city like Orlando!