Facilities and services the Orlando airport MCO

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Every year, the Orlando International Airport MCO deals with around 50 million passengers. The ability to handle such a colossal number of visitors requires meticulous arrangement and organization. A part of the coordination required involves the many amenities provided by the airport.

The amenities are many, and their uses vary greatly from one amenity to another. Some are functional, some are necessary, some are for entertainment, and others are for accessibility.

Accessibility Services Map in MCO airport

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The facilities that are for the purpose of convenience are vital in allowing the airport to run smoothly. Some of these facilities include the usual services like a lost and found section, information desks and helpful staff, ATMs, currency exchange offices, and available Wi-Fi.

Other facilities are not so common like the service animal relief area, showers, the postal services, and the luggage storage and transport services. While other services are very unique for the Orlando International Airport such as the optional automated passport control services. This option serves a great deal in helping alleviate the congestion at the passport control counters. Note that in order to make use of this service, you need to have the mobile application downloaded ahead of time, and you need to submit the necessary documents through the application prior to your arrival.

Last but not least, there is the convenient shuttle train that transports travelers between terminals. These shuttle trains, labeled the Automated People Movers (APM), perform constant trips, each being a commodious few minutes long.

Facilities for leisure

As for leisure, the airport never seems to lack in that department! From the art programs to the spas, you will always find something both relaxing and fun to do while you wait for your flight. In addition, there are shops, convenience stores, and restaurants that seem to be endless in the airport!

Depending on where exactly you are at the MCO Airport, the shops and restaurants differ. Press here to check out a list of the shops and stores, and press here for a list of the restaurants, each with their respective locations so you can better plan ahead for your exciting trip! If restaurants aren’t what you’re looking for, you can pick and choose from the many lounges all over the airport. You may book a pass to your preferred lounge here.

All that being said, it’s no wonder how the massive and active Orlando International Airport MCO runs so well!