Lounges in Orlando airport

Lounges in Orlando airport mco

The Orlando International Airport MCO, just like most other airports around the world, offers travelers a number of Lounges to choose from. A Lounge is a luxury hall that is often restricted to certain passengers, where all types of foods, drinks, and cocktails are offered for free. The Lounges are also very convenient if you’re hoping to get some work done, or even if you’re just looking to relax somewhere quiet and cozy until your flight.

Each Lounge has its own criteria as to whom is allowed in. Some Lounges only admit customers who have purchased first-class or business-class tickets. Other lounges can grant access to specific membership owners and specific credit card holders. Most Lounges, however, sell one-day passes or one-time passes. This allows anyone who purchases the pass the luxury of enjoying the Lounge experience.

Lounge options at MCO Airport

Lounge options at MCO Airport mco

Available at the Orlando International Airport MCO and their respective locations, are:

  • Delta Sky Club – at gates 70-99

delta sky club orlando launge airport

  • Plaza Premium Lounge – at Terminal C, Palm Court

Plaza Premium Lounge airport orlando

  • The Club MCO – at gates 1-29 and 70-99

The Club MCO launge airport orlando

  • United Club – gates 30-59

United Club launge orlando airport

Each Lounge offers different packages, membership cards, and passes, all valued at different price ranges. One of the many great things about the Orlando International Airport MCO is that the Lounge passes are offered at discounted prices.

The Lounges are generally located at different terminals, so it is best to check ahead of time to which terminal you will be heading towards to avoid the confusion at the airport and to plan ahead for the possibility of taking the trip to a slightly farther Lounge.

How can I book a pass?

If you’re looking to book a pass, sign-up for a membership card, or just curious about the amenities and menus offered at each lounge, their respective websites would be the best place to get up-to-date information. Press on your preferred Lounge to get directed to their website.

Having access to a Lounge can instantly enhance your airport experience by a tenfold!

Lounges completely revolutionize traveling and turn it into a time for relaxation, enjoying good food and drinks, catching up on work emails, and chatting with your fellow travelers.