Monuments in Orlando City

Monuments in Orlando City

Visiting Orlando city is not always all about the roaring screams of roller coaster riders and the jolly songs echoing everywhere. It can also be away from the thunders of the theme parks and right in the botanical gardens and parks with hiking trails and rivers.

Whether you’re taking a walk in downtown Orlando, or just enjoying a quiet evening by Lake Eola Park, one thing in common between the two is the possibility of encountering beautiful monuments and artistic sculpts.

The city’s art pieces

Downtown Orlando houses many iconic monuments. One of which is the Muse of Discovery. The Muse of Discovery is a sculpture of a woman laying on the ground that appears to be so elegantly blending with the earth beneath her. Meg White, the creator of this masterpiece, created the piece to be interactive with the sculpture’s hand extended and open towards the sky. People often lay in the hands of the Muse of Discovery for some pictures.

Arguably one of the most notable monuments in the city is the Centered piece that is erected in downtown Orlando by artist C.J. Ralph. C.J. Ralph’s art piece appears different from all of its surrounding angles thanks to the creatively layered architecture of this 25 ft beauty.

Another honorable mention is Wendy Ross’s Astrogenesis II. Astrogenesis II is a powerful 30 ft steel structure that resembles a blooming flower. This serves as a perfect tribute to the lovely botanical gardens in the city.

Lake Eola Park’s monuments

Union is one of the most iconic art pieces located in Lake Eola Park. This giant 30 ft sculpt was erected by artist Ralfonso Gschwend, and it is made of a very abstract-looking mix of aluminum circles and wings. The piece is made to be constantly in motion, meaning its many pieces will never be in the exact same position more than once.

Another one of Lake Eola Park’s iconic pieces is the Take Flight which is set up right on the surface of the lake. The monument, created by Douwe Blumberg, resembles the silhouette of birds gliding across the surface of the lake.

The Cedar of Lebanon is another gem hidden within this treasured park. The Cedar of Lebanon is a cedar-like type of tree structure that is made of stainless steel that shimmer in the sun and light up from within during the night (thanks to a built-in light system). With all its might, Jacob Harmeling’s Cedar of Lebanon truly resembles a cedar tree from the depths of the cedar mountains located in the small middle-eastern country of Lebanon.

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