Terminal B Orlando International Airport

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Although the Orlando International Airport MCO may be quite massive in size, it is actually a very well-regulated establishment that is easy to navigate through.

The airport is essentially made up of one main terminal, which branches off to four different satellite terminals. The satellite terminals contain the gates to the flights, as well as house the arriving passengers. And whether you are arriving at or departing from the MCO Airport, you have to go through the airport’s main terminal. This is when you will notice that the main terminal is further divided into two sides – side, or terminal, A and side/terminal B.

Terminal B Orlando Airport

What can find in Terminal B map

In Terminal B, there are three main levels. If you are arriving from or going to any of the satellite terminals, then you will most likely find yourself on level three. The third level is where the airline counters can be found. Some of the airlines operating through Orlando International Airport Terminal B include, but are not limited to, Air Canada, American, British Airways, Caribbean, Delta, Lufthansa, Spirit, and United.

terminal b orlando airport

On to the second level, that is where baggage claiming carousels can be found next to the nursing pod and the ‘service animal relief area’. There is also an available pick-up area for independent taxi services like Uber and Lyft, amongst others.

On the first level, you are greeted with more baggage claim carousels and independent taxi pick-up zones, in addition to baggage storage, stroller/pushchair rental, a bus stop, a resort transportation shuttle area, airport and independent car rental companies, and other available taxi pickup stations. An additional parking level (R-1) exists, which includes domestic airline check-in services that are limited to certain hours of the day and to a select few airlines like Spirit, American, Alaska, and Delta, to name a few.

Similarities and differences with the other terminals map

All-in-all, the similarities amongst the terminals outweigh the differences. The differences often lie in which airlines operate on which sides of the airport, which restaurants/shops are open on whichever side… etc.

Terminal A is considered the northern side of the main terminal, housing airsides 1 and 2. Whereas Terminal B is considered the southern side of the main terminal, housing airsides 3 and 4.
Do not worry about attempting to figure out where everything is at the Orlando International Airport MCO. Once you’re there, the trip will run smoother than expected, thanks to the proper structuring and management of the airport, not to mention that help is always available at every corner!

Terminal B food gate 30-59 Orlando airport

terminal b food restorant gate 30-59

Restaurants terminal B gate 70-99

Restaurants terminal B gate 70-99