Parking in Orlando airport MCO

The Orlando International Airport MCO is a colossal establishment that sees over 50 million visitors every year. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise to hear that there are multiple parking zones available within and around the premise. The following will be a short guide on the parking zones at the Orlando International Airport, so you can be well prepared when heading there.

Orlando airport parking map

parking orlando airport mco

The parking options are Parking Garage A, Terminal Top Parking, Parking Garage B, Parking Garage C, North Park Place Economy Lot, South Park Place Economy Lot, Valet Parking, Hotel Guest Parking – Valet, Hotel Guest Parking – Self, North Cell Phone Lot, South Cell Phone Lot, and the West Park Place Economy Lot.

Price and uses airport parking mco

Parking Garage A, Parking Garage B, and the Terminal Top Parking have the same conditions and rates. They serve as long-term and short-term parking spaces and check-in for some domestic flights. The initial 20 minutes are free of charge, and then a $2 charge until the 30th minute, which then turns into an additional dollar for every fifteen minutes spent there. The maximum charge, per day, is $19, and a maximum stay of 45 days is allowed. The same applies for Parking Garage C, except that the 24-hour maximum total sum is $17, instead of $19.

parking price orlando airport

Valet Parking costs $4 for the initial 20 minutes, and then an extra charge of $1 for every added 20 minutes; that is up until the 3rd hour. It costs $25 per 24 hours, with a maximum stay of 45 days, and they operate between six o’clock in the morning and eleven o’clock in the evening. The same rates are applied to the Hyatt Valet Parking, with the difference being that the maximum stay is 60 days instead of 45.

The hotel guest parking is used for long-term and short-term parking. It costs $12 per night if the customer self-parked and $16 per night if the car was valet parked. The costs are charged directly to your room bill.

The North Cell Phone Lot and the South Cell Phone Lot are free of charge and are available for those who are simply picking up arriving customers. There are no commercial or unattended vehicles allowed, and the vehicles cannot be parked there overnight.

The North Park Place Economy Lot, the South Park Place Economy Lot, and the West Park Place Economy Lot are used for short-term and long-term parking. The rates apply as follows: the initial ten minutes are free of charge, then you are charged $5 for up to a three hour stay, and finally a $10 charge per 24-hour period. The maximum stay is 90 days.

parking mco orlando airport

Additional information parking

Accessible parking spaces are available at the Terminal Top Parking, The Terminal Garage Parking A, Terminal Garage Parking B, Terminal Garage Parking C, and the Economy Satellite Parking Lots.

Oversized vehicles can only be accommodated in the South Park Place Parking Lot. The criteria that a vehicle should meet to be considered oversized are: vehicles higher than 7 ft and/or longer than 20 ft.

For more information about which parking lot is operating, and which isn’t, at any particular time, about up-to-date accepted methods of payment, and to inquire about the proximity of each parking lot to each terminal, check out this website.