Shuttle Services Orlando Airport MCO

The Orlando International Airport MCO offers a wide variety of transportation options, both to and from the airport. These options mainly include shuttle buses, public LYNX buses, trains, car rental agencies, taxi agencies, and rideshare taxis.

Depending on your destination, your budget, and your available time, this decision can be easily made and planned for in advance for maximum comfort!

Advantages of using the Shuttle Services

Shuttle buses are incredibly commodious and handy. The great thing about the shuttle buses is that they offer varied services. Oftentimes, resorts (especially major resorts in the area), offer their guests free shuttle bus services to pick them up from the airport and take them directly to the resort. This saves the traveler a lot of headaches in planning ahead for the trip to and from the airport. It also ensures their comfort and convenience with this pre-planned, one-way trip to their main destination.

The same shuttle bus service is offered by most hotels in the vicinity of the Orlando International Airport as well. The convenience of this service, and the fact that it’s mostly free of charge, make it a fan favorite amongst tourists.

To get to these shuttle buses, simply head on over to ground transportation on the first level. It is the first level in both terminals (Terminal A and Terminal B).

More information

Another shuttle bus service that can be found at the Orlando International Airport is the out-of-town shuttle service. Some popular destinations include Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Miami, Melbourne, Palm Bay, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Belleview, Silver Springs, and many others!

The companies that offer such shuttle bus services are also plenty, and they include the Florida Superior Shuttle, Busy Traveler Transportation, Cocoa Beach Shuttle, and the Friendly Transportation, just to name a few.

Shuttle bus services are great options for travelers who are headed to their resorts, hotels, or out of town. They are affordable and convenient, and the options (amongst companies, destinations, and schedules) are varied and accommodating!