Terminal A Orlando International Airport

The sheer size of the Orlando International Airport MCO may be daunting for some, but it is actually very organized to allow for ease of transfer through the terminals of the airport. The way the MCO Airport is divided is that there are 4 satellite terminals and one main terminal. The satellite terminals house the gates and welcome the arriving passengers.

The main terminal is the connecting point and the largest unit of them all. The main terminal of the MCO Airport is further divided into two sub-terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B. Both terminals operate in a very similar fashion, with some key differences amongst them, all of which we will further clarify.

terminal a mco orlando airport

Terminal A map .What can I find in gate ?

In Terminal A, we have three main levels, each occupying various amenities. On the third and most important level, we can find the counters of certain airlines. Some of these airlines include, but are not restricted to, AeroMexico, Alaska Air, Emirates, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and Virgin Atlantic.

TERMINAL A orlando airport mco

On the second level, we can mainly find baggage claim carousels, a ‘service animal relief area’, and pick-up areas for independent taxi services like Uber and Lyft. In the first level, more baggage claim carousels can be found, alongside luggage wrapping facilities and stroller/pushchair rental options. It is on this floor that you can pick-up a bus, a taxi, a shuttle, airport car rental agencies, other car rental agencies, and yet another independent taxi pick up area.

There is also a parking level (R-1), in which more check-in counters can be found. These are usually limited to certain hours of the day and to select airlines, such as Delta, America, and United.

Similarities and differences with the other terminals map MCO

In general, the differences between terminals are not major. The differences often manifest in the airline companies and their respective gates, the specific amenities, shops and restaurants, and the available lounges.

Terminal A is considered the northern side of the main terminal, housing airsides 1 and 2. Whereas Terminal B is considered the southern side of the main terminal, housing airsides 3 and 4. The differences are not stark, but the division is necessary for the accommodation of the nearly 50 million annual visitors to this airport. It is also necessary for the smooth sailing of all the processes and ensuring that you have a fun and comfortable journey!

Terminal A food  gate 1-29 Orlando (MCO) airport

termial a food gate 1-29 mco orlando airport


Terminal A food cord  gate 100-129

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