Virgin Atlantic Orlando Airport MCO



Phone number: 800-862-8621

The MCO Airport has countless of airlines operating on its grounds. One of these international airlines is the British Virgin Atlantic (VA). VA was founded in 1984, is based in Crawley, England, and has hubs in London-Heathrow and Manchester.

VA’s destinations reach most major regions around the globe – Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean and North America.

An interesting fact about the VA is that it was the first ever airline to fly pets! This happened in 2003 on a flight from the US to England.

It is always important to remember, that although certain airlines use certain terminals, there may be exceptions to the rules, and it would be best to double-check whenever necessary.

Checking on flights can be done here.

Arrival airline Virgin Atlantic

Arriving flights of VA are housed in Terminal A, at gates 70-129.

Departing flights airline Virgin Atlantic

Departing flights of VA are through Terminal A, at gates 70-99.

Contact information

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Code – VS
Phone number: 800-862-8621