Train Services Orlando Airport (MCO)

Train Services Orlando Airport

Travelers everywhere all share the ever-so-common pre-trip anxiety. No matter how much you planned for your trip, you’re always worried that you missed something. And one common mistake travelers tend to do is that they overlook the importance of planning ahead for their transportation to and from the airport.

With the Orlando International Airport MCO, the options for transportation are plentiful, simple, affordable, and easy to figure out! Some of these options include the shuttle buses, the LYNX city buses, rideshare taxi services, taxi company services, car rental agencies, and, of course, trains!

Advantages of taking the Train Services

Train Services mco

Trains are always an extremely efficient mode of transportation. And even though there is, unfortunately, no Amtrak station directly at Orlando International Airport, taking the train is still efficient. The nearest Amtrak station to the MCO Airport is around 12 miles away, which can be accessed either via bus or with a taxi.

On a brighter note, SunRail Sand Lake Road Station is connected to the Orlando International Airport via the local city bus LYNX Non-stop Link 111. Presenting your SunRail ticket can even land you a free trip to the airport! Once at the airport, you will find yourself on the first level of Terminal A, at the ground transportation area.

More information

When planning ahead, it’s important to check the schedules of your buses and trains. The downside of this method of transportation is that these trains may not operate on weekends and late nights. For everything LYNX related, in relation to routes to and from the Orlando International Airport, check out this comprehensive and printable guide. For everything SunRail-related, you can find all the thorough and up-to-date information here.

When looking into transportation options, the things you need to consider are your individual requirements, needs, available funds, and time to spare. Keeping these criteria in mind will undeniably lead you to making the right decision!