Parks in Orlando City

Lake Eola Park is a historical park that has been extremely well kept and improved for many years now. Walking by the lake, you can encounter several, impressive sculpts by various artists all across the walk. You can even rent a paddle boat, watch the sun set behind the skyline of buildings on the other side of the lake, and enjoy a refreshment from the lake-side café.


Mead Botanical Garden is a free garden with wonderful trails that intertwine through the dense greenery and portray stunning scenes. The garden also houses a butterfly garden and a greenhouse amongst other things. The garden is in the middle of the city yet offers serenity like no other.

Every tour of Orlando’s metropolitan sights must include a stop at the Harry P. Lewis Gardens, which is superbly located amidst a loud city. The calm air in the garden completely isolates the garden from the chaos outside its walls. Explore every aspect of the garden’s botanical and aesthetic offerings.

Leu Gardens offer 50 acres of absolutely stunning scenes. With one of the largest rose gardens in the state, and the 1800s Leu House Museum in the background, it is no surprise that the Leu Gardens have become a common wedding venue for nature lovers.

More Orlando city parks

Big Tree Park is a relatively smaller park compared to the rest of the parks on this list, but it contains a historical gem. Big Tree Park is home to the oldest living tree in the city, which is estimated to be more than a whopping two thousand years old! This precious tree will astonish you with its size and beauty.

The B-52 Memorial Park is in the vicinity of the airport and can thus be reserved as a last stop right before traveling back home from your vacation time at the theme park city of the world. The park houses the retired B-52 fortress bomber plane with some informational material about this plane’s time in service. This park is definitely worth the short pit stop.

Wekiva State Stream Park is a spectacular park that offers a polar opposite vibe from that of the bustling city of Orlando. The stream is cool all year round, making it a perfect summer swimming destination. The stream is connected to the river, through which canoeing and kayaking are possible, and most definitely advisable. Swimming in the river feels almost surreal with the calm wildlife around and the shades of green all over the area.